Additional Details

An operating weight of three metric tons, digging forces of more than 4,500 lb., yet still in a transport-friendly size that can be towed with a pickup truck* – compact power is what the CX30C mini excavator is all about. A zero-tailswing design, powered by a 25-hp Tier 4 Final engine, is complemented by performance-enhancing standard features such as proportional controls, Automatic 2-Speed Travel and an adjustable offset boom. It all comes together to give contractors the nimble strength needed for demanding, close-quarter jobs.

Purpose-Built Productivity

As with all CASE C Series mini excavators, standard features include auxiliary hydraulics for attachment versatility, a push blade for backfilling and added stability in digging applications, an Automatic 2-Speed Travel system that adjusts torque as ground conditions change, and a control pattern selector that lets operators choose between SAE or ISO setups. A zero tailswing design prevents the counterweight from protruding past the tracks, and when combined with the adjustable boom that can be offset to the left or the right, this nimble machine is able to work against or around structures and obstacles. The CX30C is also available with a hydraulic thumb and additional counterweight.

Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency

The CX30C uses a fuel-efficient diesel engine, with a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solution. There’s no regeneration required, no exhaust filter to maintain or replace and no Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to add. Just get in and go.

CASE Comfort and Visibility

The CX30C comes standard with a four-post ROPS/FOPS canopy or with a heated cab option that includes a radio and USB input. Both environments provide excellent visibility of the bucket, into the trench and all around the machine, and feature standard proportional controls for responsive attachment operation and an adjustable seat for added comfort.

Simple Serviceability

Maintenance points are grouped together and easily accessible from the ground, as are main service items such as filters and fill ports. The CX30C also features spacious, wide-opening compartments for excellent access to the engine, control valves and radiator. It all helps you more easily maintain and maximize the performance of your machine.

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