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Full-Scale Performance in Compact Size

For residential areas and industrial premises, you need a machine that can maneuver and swing within a compact radius. The SK10SR is designed to do just that, with smooth, powerful control, and great stability. Though small in size, it gives you all of the performance and durability you expect, and gets the job done fast!

Broader floor space gives operators plenty of foot room. Wide operational space is provided with more room between the left and right control consoles
Side Levers for Easy Control

Side lever operating style is the same as bigger machines, for relaxed and comfortable control. Hydraulic pilot makes control levers lighter, and sensitive response makes inching work easy.

Lever Control Delivers Smooth Starts
Control valves are tuned to make each type of action as smooth as possible. Hydraulic flow initially limited for a smoother start-up.

Excellent Dozer Inching Control
Dozer inching control provides for precise ground leveling.

A clear left-to-right pass-through offers greater convenience for the operator.

Wrist Rest
Wrist rests fitted on the each control lever box ensure fatigue free operation.

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